Felicity Wardlaw

Flick Wardlaw Bicycle Superstore

Cycling Champion Felicity “Flick” Wardlaw has been a fabulous safe cycling ambassador sharing road safety messages with the media and her fellow cyclists.

Flick has also participated in our “Tour de Wang” promotion encouraging cyclists to build their confidence and cycling friends in a spin room class with new and experienced riders.

Young local champions from varying sports were all brought together to raise awareness of our young aspiring cyclists whose training is on the roads, unlike the others who have basketball courts, swimming pools, football ovals to train on.  It is hoped that this campaign will help the next generation to see cyclists as their fellow competitors and friends, not just “another cyclist, and be more wary of them on the roads when they are driving.  Especially while they are still learning to drive on their L and P plates.Tour-De-Wang-Young-Stars

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