Be Snow Ready

This winter especially, it’s about being prepared before heading to the snow and continuing to be careful, cautious and considered on the road…and giving one another plenty of space!  Winter can throw in some unique driving challenges as conditions can change rapidly in extreme weather like black ice, blizzards and fog.

Taking extra care starts before hitting the road.

  • Ensure vehicles are properly equipped and in good condition.
  • Check tyres, battery, brakes, cooling system, engine and windscreen.
  • Diesel ‘waxes’ at low temperature which blocks the fuel system and immobilises the vehicle. Diesel vehicle require fuel formulated for use in cold conditions, such as ‘Alpine Diesel’ mix, which is available at service stations in the alpine area.
  • Add anti-freeze to the engine radiator. This amount of anti-freeze needs to match the capacity of the coolant system. If the coolant freezes, the engine block and radiator may crack, resulting in an expensive repair bill.

Carrying snow chains is compulsory for all vehicles entering alpine resorts.

  • Authorities will advise when to stop and fit the chains, in a designated chain-fitting area. It’s best to practise fitting chains before the trip, or if hiring ask the rental shop to show you and then make sure you do it yourself under their guidance.
  • Only fit chains to the driving wheels, which are the back wheels on rear wheel drive cars and front wheels on front wheel drive cars.
  • Carry a torch, plastic garbage bag and gloves to make fitting easier. Tyre pressure should be 25 PSI or higher when using chains. Tyre manufacturers recommend that cars with radial tyres shouldn’t travel faster than 40 km/h when fitted with chains. Stop and check the tension of the chains after driving about 200 metres.



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